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ACLS - Advanced Cardiovascular  Life Support

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What makes our ACLS program ideal for your professional needs:

You will be able to practise and train in dynamic role-playing situations that mirror real life and will help you in your role as a healthcare provider. You will be introduced to a wide range of life-threatening, all-hands-on-deck scenarios that involve systems of care, immediate post-cardiac arrest care, acute dysrhythmia, stroke, and acute coronary syndromes. The goal is to strengthen your ability to communicate and work effectively as a critical member of a team.

Heart & Stroke’s ACLS program, based on the 2020 Guidelines, provides hands-on learning that builds on your Basic Life Support (BLS) skills, teaches you when and how to use the latest treatment recommendations for your patients, and takes your skills as an advanced healthcare provider to the next level.

Course Content:

  • High-Quality CPR (applying Basic Life Support skills to case scenarios)

  • Acute Coronary Syndromes

  • Airway Management

  • Acute Stroke

  • Systems of Care

  • High-Performance Teams

  • Science of Resuscitation

  • Cardiac Arrest 

  • Systematic Approach

  • Post-Cardiac Arrest Care

  • CPR Coach

  • Bradycardia

  • Signs of Clinical Deterioration

  • Tachycardia



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