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Free Local AED Workshops

Updated: Jun 5, 2018


We would like to reach out to all Cochrane & Area businesses/locations that currently own one of these "shock boxes" to offer a FREE AED workshop:

- Complimentary - All staff welcome to attend - 20-30 minute inservice - Flexible booking - What it is - Why we use it - When to use it - How to use it - Get familiar with your specific AED brand - Hands on practice with our demo AEDs

If you've ever taken a First Aid Course in the past this might sound familiar:

"YOU! call 911 and get me an AED!"

That's all good and well under the assumption that everyone knows where our local AEDs are located and what the heck to actually do with the device once when arrives.

Cochrane Emergency Training Services is currently on a mission to promote AED awareness and education in Cochrane and surrounding areas. We are currently developing an up to date list of locations and specifics as to were exactly within these locations the AED can be found.

Why? Because 'Shocking' news! - AED's save lives.

Interested? Please contact us: or call 403-585-5286

Alex & Chelsea

AED Cochrane, AED, CPR, CETS
Supporting AED Location & Operation Awareness

If you would like to reach out to us about setting up a free AED workshop please feel free to email us at



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