CETS Private Group First Aid & CPR Training 

*There are no additional travel costs for mobile courses within an hour of Cochrane, Alberta

First Aid Group Bookings

Onsite First Aid training is offered to businesses and venues that can accommodate 4 or more people. Both our Emergency First Aid and Standard First Aid Level C courses are available.

Onsite training encourages employees to become comfortable responding to emergencies that may arise in their work environment. We strive to make our training applicable to your work site

Group Pricing Guide:

Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C Course

4-5 people =$130 /person

6-9 people = $115 /person

10+ people = $100 /person

Standard First Aid & CPR/AED Level C - Renewal Course

4-5 people =$100 /person

6-9 people = $90 /person

10+ people = $80 /person

Emergency First Aid & CPR/AED Course

4-5 people =$100 /person

6-9 people = $90 /person

10+ people = $80 /person

CPR Group Bookings

Yes! We offer a 'Host at Home' program for the following CPR courses:

Child & Infant CPR Workshop          


- Basic Life Support (BLS) certification/renewal

- CPR Level C (available when requested)

Our mobile instructor model includes all necessary CPR training equipment and resources to accommodate in house training.

Discounted pricing is applied for group bookings based on the number attending the course.  

The 'Host at Home' model is aimed at providing effective and comprehensive training in a more relaxed and learning conducive environment.

Child & Infant CPR workshops is 2 hours

The BLS CPR course is approximately 3.5 hours.

BLS CPR renewal is approximately 2 hours.


Private Bookings are also available for individuals or groups wanting to attend a CPR course at our CETS classroom located in Cochrane, Alberta

Group Pricing Guide:

Child + Infant CPR Workshop

4 people =$50 /person

5-9 people = $45 /person

10+ people = $40 /person

Basic Life Support (BLS) CPR Course

$75 /person (set price)

BLS Renewals: $45 (set price) 

Is First Aid training a workplace requirement? click HERE to see OH&S guidelines and First Aid and CPR recommendations based upon your workplace environment.

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