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If you're first on the scene of a cardiac emergency, the LIFEPAK 1000 AED can help improve lifesaving outcomes and speed the transition of patients to the next critical level of care.

The LIFEPAK 1000 combines the simplicity of an AED with clear guidance, including onscreen and audio prompts with the flexibility of manual mode operation when indicated. Flexible setup options allow on-screen graphics for the basic rescuer or ECG display and access to manual mode for the more advanced rescuer. This powerful AED combines basic guidance with advanced operational control, enabling responders to deliver fast, appropriate treatment. 

LIFEPAK 1000 defibrillator (Graphical Display)

SKU: 99425-000023
  • The LIFEPAK 1000 weighs 7.1 pounds with one set of REDI-PAK electrodes and one non-rechargeable battery.

    Height: 3.4 inches
    Width: 9.2 inches
    Depth: 10.9 inches  

    Powerful and easy to use

    • Loud voice prompts and on-screen graphics provide clear guidance on applying electrodes and initiating a shock for added user confidence.
    • Escalating energy to 360J biphasic for difficult to defibrillate patients.
    • Provides battery power for up to 220 shocks – escalating to 360 joules – delivering 17 hours of monitoring time. 


  • Free Shipping in Alberta, Canada 

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