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The HeartStart FRx defibrillator includes advanced Life Guidance features to help guide the treatment of sudden cardiac arrest. With easy set-up, clear voice prompts, and rugged design, HeartStart FRx is designed for all on-the-spot responders. 


The FRx defibrillator features Life Guidance intuitive, step-by-step voice instructions, including CPR coaching, to help give responders the confidence that’s needed when treating a cardiac arrest. A clear, calm voice and descriptive visual icons guide you through every step, from pad placement to cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) and shock delivery. The voice prompts are paced to your actions, so that you don’t need to worry about feeling rushed, overwhelmed, or slowed down.

Heartstart FRX / Commercial Device

SKU: 861304
  • Product number: 861304

    6 cm x 18 cm x 22 cm (2.4˝ x 7.1˝ x 8.9˝) D x H x W

  • Free Shipping in Alberta, Canada 

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