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Ba Da BaBa Baaa (We’re Lovin’ It)

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

We like to think there are two types of people in the world:

1. Those who have a genuine interest in learning First Aid and CPR (awesome!)

2. And those who really just want to get it over with (OK cool… we get it!)

So you’re saying that you didn’t wake up this morning fired up about having to take a First Aid course? That’s alright - we have your back. There is of course necessary content and skills that we need to run through in order for you to pass your exam and for us to cover the OH&S requirements of training. But if you don’t want to spend hours of your time chatting with us about that one time your Aunt Jenny choked on an almond (although I’m sad I don’t get to hear the rest of that story…), we understand! Alex and I are both guilty of these exact feelings towards having to attend courses for our own job requirements.

Now I hear you asking:

So then why in the world did you become First Aid Instructors if you dreaded having to take the course?!

Oh Hey! Thanks for asking - let me tell you!

We have talked so much about our goal to eliminate the stigma around these courses being dry and monotonous. As instructors, we strongly support the content formatted by The Heart and Stroke Foundation because of its applicability to the real world and promotion of hands on practice of valuable skills. So we can honestly say we LOVE what we are doing, and we hope that shows when you attend one of our courses. We wouldn’t have chosen to enter this realm if it wasn’t for our genuine interest for the topics that we are teaching. Of course we will continue to put a CETS spin on things! I can’t tell you how excited I get when people ask us questions and we are able to break away from the content for a while to bring some real life examples into the mix. I know I speak for us both when I say we have had some really awesome people train with us who've shared remarkable (sometimes crazy) stories.

We believe we’ve seasoned ourselves to be able to read our audience and adjust our teaching accordingly. This is what I hope sets us apart from your typical First Aid Training Experience. We hope you walk away from your course with CETS feeling as though we've made good use of your time.

Our PROMISE to you is that we are not here to preach safety. We will not insult your intelligence by telling you how important it is to wear a helmet, eat well, quit smoking, work out, don’t get a concussion, put on sunscreen, avoid getting bit by ticks, wear a winter coat, don’t break your bones, wash your hands, don’t touch hot things bla bla bla. We won’t do it! Rather we are here to promote preparedness and leave you feeling as though you have gained some solid background knowledge in order to respond to situations that are less than ideal. One thing we can tell you is that in real life, responding to an emergency situation is not text book - your actions will never be black and white. We know that during a crisis you’re not thinking “hmm well in my first aid manual on page 7 I remember it said…” No way! That’s not how our brains work. Our goal is to encourage you to use the skills and knowledge you learn in our course to feel more informed and confident as first aid providers.

Our Second promise, we know our stuff... and if we don’t we will just make something up that is super believable... OK kidding - if we aren’t able to answer your questions we promise we will utilize our resources in order to get the answers to you!

And on that note, please know that after taking a course with us, we are happy to continue acting as a resource to you should you ever want to reach out to us.

Because at CETS - we have your back!

- Chelsea & Alex

First Aid Training enjoyable and valuable with Cochrane Emergency Training
First Aid Training



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