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Thank you Cochrane!

Updated: Jun 5, 2018

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As we’ve started to get busier with our course bookings, it’s hard not to get excited! I noticed the other day on Facebook that we had reached 100 followers, and I was ecstatic. One morning I said to Alex “we are really making a go of this!” he laughed at my genuine surprise to see that we had gained some success. Our google reviews and positive feedback online have meant the world to us! It motivates us both to keep working hard to create the company we have envisioned for CETS! For me, the teaching side of things has come easily, teaching topics that I am passionate about is something I love to do! However, I have come to learn more and more that running a business is a lot more than that. Welcome to the world of marketing! It’s a scary and sometime not so friendly playing ground. We received many phone calls from marketers saying “for the low fee of 700$ a month we can get you to the top of google!” - ahh these calls were so disheartening. Before starting this company I didn’t even know that was a thing! We agreed that was not the approach we wanted to take with our advertising. We want to believe that by working hard and treating our customers right, we will get there organically. I once saw a hashtag on a local business page that really resonated with me: #supportlocal - and that is what we intend to do!

We named our company CETS for a reason (Cochrane Emergency Training Services) because we wanted our brand to have the name of the town we are so proud to be a part of. Alex grew up in Cochrane and since buying our home here two years ago, we have had nothing but love for this beautiful town. That is why we have made it our mission to support as many local organizations as possible as our way to get our name out into the community. This way we feel good about how we are using marketing dollars. We started by choosing our two favorite things; mine being animals and Alex’s baseball. From there our sponsorship decisions were easy. CETS would like to give a huge thank you to the Cochrane Humane Society and to Cochrane Minor Ball for the roles you have in our community. Alex and I are thrilled to be able to support organizations that reflect who we are.

We strive to keep it real, relevant and relateable on our social media accounts - so check us out on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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